Painting Festivities

Hello my lovelies,


I’ve been thinking of creative hobbies to pursue recently and wondered what would be a fun activity to engage in, something that helps the creative juices flowing and would be therapeutic.

The trend of adult drawing is a great idea, however, I thought painting would be more fun just because you have the abilities of mixing and experimenting with colours.

I am fortunate to have found a good friend who had the same interest and we finally made time in our hectic schedule to go painting!! 

Although I am nowhere near good at art and drawing, it was very calming to just paint without any restrictions and guidelines. Chatting with my friend and relaxing was just the perfect combination.

We started with acrylic paint as water and oil painting would be more difficult to work with for novices like ourselves. 🙂

It’s important to have some hobbies to destress yourself and take your mind off of any troubles and daily stresses.

What are some of your pass time activities? I would love to hear your idea of relaxation time and what you do to destress.

Thank you for dropping by and reading this short post, I wanted to share with you ( my extended support family)  my activity that I think you would enjoy too 🙂

Lots of love and gratitude

Susan @GlamRituals


Reading interest

Hello lovelies!


Today’s post I wanted to write about reading styles and interests. Something slightly different on this blog. 🙂

My goals for 2017 is to read more. Reading is not only beneficial to enhancing your knowledge but it’s also a great way to relax and destress allowing you to escape the daily life and transporting  you to another world depending on your book of choice.

In recent years, I’ve gravitated to self help books because it’s aligned with my self improvement journey and these books are packed with incredible information from the wisdom of the authors.You can learn and absorb the knowledge all within a single book.     I feel this is so beneficial especially when it’s on a topic of interest to you.

I also enjoy romance and mystery books. Romance because on a cold and rainy evening there isn’t much that satisfies me more than curling up to a warm and fuzzy love story and sipping on my favourite tea. Mystery because I love crime and playing detective work, bonus if they are based on true events LOL there is something intriguing to me when I know the story REALLY happened… who feels me??

Lots of people I know will only complete a book before they move onto the next one. As for me, I’ll only pick up a book if it’s contents intrigue me at that specific time. Example: afternoons or mornings I’d prefer to educate myself on nonfiction books but as night falls, I prefer to read fiction ones. Therefore I would have several types of books on hand to read at once.

The main reason for this post is my dilemma on my reading method! I’m faced with the decision of actual books ( think: beauty and the beast style of library),  kindle reader , or audiobook?! ( sigh)

Physical books:

There is something special about holding a physical book in your hand and feeling the pages, it’s very satisfying. However, call me weird, but I’m one of those people who like to care for my books and will do anything to maintain the  qualities of it (ex: no creases) which means I never EVER break the spine of the book, and for this reason I don’t like to carry my books around in my bag with me daily. So this is a bummer, but I envision myself with a growing bookshelf in my home with a reading nook 🙂

Kindle reader:

At first when I heard about this reading method I was thinking, no way, would I want to purchase a book that’s not a tangible object to hold ( call me old school) but recently my boyfriend and I were on vacation, and I read one of his books on kindle and immediately fell in love! The ease of reading because of the layout of the text was enjoyable and what really sold me on this idea was the dictionary function to lookup words you don’t understand. This is great as I had mentioned I wanted to read to enhance my knowledge and this is a function allowing me to choose more challenging books to read to grow my vocabulary.


I have friends who swear by this method of “reading” because with our busy hectic schedules, audiobooks allows you to listen and get through more books as opposed to reading them. You can conveniently be on the go and still absorb all the wisdom a book provides and/or transport you to another world at anytime regardless of what you are doing.

Oh how first world problems are plaguing my thoughts LOL

Please let me know if you have any best practices or preference and why you prefer them. It would really help me decide on which method I choose to read and how I can read more amidst my busy lifestyle.

With lots of love and gratitude,

Susan @GlamRituals

What is your life purpose?

Hello my lovelies,


What is your life’s purpose? This is a question worth asking yourself from time to time to reanalyze your objectives in life. Some people go a lifetime without knowing unfortunately.

Being a 31 year old women in this day and age, I would like to think I have it all figured out but I don’t!

I am working towards an answer and I think I’m getting close to knowing why I’m on this earth…..

This is my story.

It all started back in 2014, I once loved the job I had so dearly, I would describe coming to work as fun and exciting and that went on for numerous years. Until I came to a point where I lost that drive and passion for my work because I felt unappreciated.

Being the ambitious person that I am I decided to go back to school to pursue another career to take charge of my life.

Long story short I worked in my “new” field of work and still felt unhappy and empty, in spite of continuously changing jobs. Deep down inside me, I wanted to find that excitement and passion I once had.  

After starting this blog in September 2016 and writing countless blog post about various topics I came to realize, I am yearning for purpose!

I want to wake up each day and feel driven and passionate to do work that allows me to  express my creativity and bring value to people’s life. I believe writing these blogs are a starting point in that process.

The purpose is for me to share my difficulties to my readers with hope that it will help someone in the same situation as me where they feel  “stuck” in their lives.

At the time, the resistance in my mind was loud and strong, I felt it was more comfortable to take the easier path in life and and continue a job that didn’t serve me well. But I’ve decided I wanted more out of life and do something I’m passionate about, which is to help others in need.

Disclaimer: I should mention that life is not all about what you do for a living. However, you spend so much time at work, you must enjoy what you do otherwise you would be living a very miserable life.

What is it that I want to do you ask? Well, writing and sharing these post is a starting point in adding value to my reader’s life! Even though this blog doesn’t pay my bills, it gives me an outlet to express my thoughts and experience and hopefully along the way I am able to inspire someone to live a fulfilling and happy existence.

I am satisfied at this point with the direction my life is taking me. What the future holds are endless possibilities I know I’m capable of obtaining.

With that, I’d like to leave you with a thought. What is your purpose in life? What are your hopes and dreams for the future YOU?

Comment and let me know, I’d truly appreciate it.

I hope this has stimulated some ideas in your mind and if you don’t have an answer, I hope you will begin seeking that purpose 🙂

With lots of love and gratitude,

Susan @GlamRituals


How to deal with negativity

Hello lovelies,


The best way I deal with negativity is to centre my mind and stay grounded in my thoughts. When there are negative people speaking I choose not to participate and remove myself from the situation if possible.

I’d like to share a personal story of mine’s. I deal with negativity on a daily bases and have actually became quite good at isolating myself from negativity as my own mother is such a negative person. I love her more than anything in the entire world, however, because of her life experiences, it has made her bitter.

The fact that she’s my mother has made it extremely difficult to ignore her or isolate her from my life. When I’m actively trying to lead a life of positivity and my mother being a typical Asian parent, is preaching me about life through her eyes and her life struggles. It’s very difficult to maintain a positive outlook.

I believe this is a partial reason why I’m continuously seeking ways of keeping the good vibes flowing otherwise I would fall into depression if I viewed life her way.  I try to sympathize with her views on life and look at her with eyes of compassion to help ease the situation. I know she is trying to look out for my best interest and is coming from a good place.

If any of you are reading this and in the same situation as myself, just know there is always a way to turn our negative family and the situation into a positive one. As you were raised based upon certain beliefs and it may have been influenced by culture or society. We are individual beings and will decide what we want to believe in.

It all comes down to your own choices and beliefs and you will take charge of how you will live your life. Do not allow anyone, family or not, to waiver your beliefs and decide for yourself.

As for your circle of friends, if there are any negative people, I would suggest to try and help them by finding out the root problem of their negativity and why they are being negative. This is the best solution to being a good friend. You can also talk about positive techniques that has helped you in lifting yourself up after a setback in your life. Sharing your experiences and how you felt at the time will help that friend who is enduring a setback in their lives. Being truly authentic and transparent with your friend will encourage them to share their struggles.

Remember though, there are people who just don’t want to help, so be wise to understand when there is hope, and when it’s best to let go of negative people in your life who has no interest in helping themselves.

Negative colleagues at the workplace are also difficult as you spend so much time with them and they can have a huge influence on your day to day life. The best way I have dealt with these types of situations are to try to explain the positive side of everything they mention that’s negative. When all else fails, just focus on your individual projects or responsibilities and worry about your own work and don’t include yourself in their negative tendencies.

If this is a team project then continue to focus on your assigned task and provide your colleague with constructive feedback on how they too can be successful with their work based on what has helped you accomplish your task. Most of the time, a colleague would appreciate your kind gesture, and if they don’t then it’s a wise idea to escalate the situation to your superior.

Getting your manager involved in the situation is not about speaking poorly of a colleague but more about bringing recognition to the situation so that your credibility wouldn’t be affected. You wouldn’t want a negative person to have an impact on your otherwise great work you do.

There you have it, I have touched on the few major areas that I had dealt with. Do you have negative people currently in your life and how do you deal with it? I’d really appreciate your comments and feedback.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I will see you back here shortly with another post!

With love and gratitude,

Susan @glamrituals


Hello readers!

Today I wanted to talk about a topic on failures. As I’ve gotten older I have realized we must be comfortable with failures. This is inevitable in life and especially if you want to achieve your incredible life goals, there are bound to be risks and as a result, possibilities of failing.

Honestly, I have been very fearful of failing in my life and since I have reached my 30’s ( I’m 31 now) I had a self reflection time and realized I’ve lived a mediocre life thus far. It has been a combination of fear of failing and just being comfortable. Since reaching my 30th year, I vowed to make all my dreams come true and if I wanted to succeed then I have to make friends with failure.

Failing means you have tried and if you never try you will never excel to your greatest potential. There was a quote that went something like this :

“ Failures are your teachers, only when you fail do you learn and grow”


This was the final realization that I must overcome my fears and be besties with failure.

I would like to share with you a failure in my life. I was with this cosmetic company for many years and had worked tirelessly for my promotion. But because of company politics, people that managers favoured would excel regardless of their performance. Feelings of disappointment and unappreciation crept through me daily at work and I realized I must take fate in my own hands and go back to school and find another career path.

This experience to me was first a failure because I didn’t receive the promotion I had yearn for so deeply, it has led me to become a stronger person and work towards a greater path I’m destined to take, which is a successful result!  

The key is to reflect on the failure and learn from them, and as a result, has served as a lesson which is positive as opposed to a negative situation.

Failing in your life is the best lesson and in my opinion more valuable than anything anyone could ever teach you. It’s learning through experience.

Let’s think of failure here and realize if there are fears in you then this means that you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and growing as an individual, again… a positive experience.

It comes down to your perception of failure and you will view it through those perspective, it’s always your choice and you always have control over your views and thoughts.

I hope this post has inspired you to look at the failures in your life in a different light and you will shift your perspective on failures as a positive experience.

Let me know of your experience of failure and how you have succeeded through it in the comments. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

With love and gratitude,

Susan @glamrituals


New Year 2017

Hello friends,


Welcome back, it’s 2017!!! I can’t believe it, where has time gone. I feel like every year that goes by, time is running faster and faster.

I guess when you are so busy with your life, there aren’t enough hours in a day to fulfill your tasks.

As for me, I don’t believe in New Year’s resolution because I’ve had some in the past and have failed miserably every year.

I set  goals for myself to achieve and it looks something like this :  yearly  /  5 year / 10 year goal.   ( I know what I want but I’m still struggling with the actionable aspects LOL )

Everyday is a learning curve. The most important thing is not to be so hard on yourself if you failed to exceed or meet your goals. Self love is most important as you need to be fulfilled in order to give love to others.

A new year brings a fresh new perspective and opportunity for endless possibilities. My goal is to be able to impact other people’s life through the work I do everyday and I make this possible through this blog I share with the world.

I feel like I’m constantly busy with a full time job and maintaining my blog and social media sites, I’ve often neglected my health as being “ too busy” for workouts. The truth is, my health is the most important above all, if I’m not healthy then any success cannot be enjoyed. So I choose to place my health first then my career second for 2017. It’s all about priorities right?

What are your goals for 2017? I hope this post has sparked some desire within you to be the best version of yourself. By expressing my struggles I hope it has encouraged you to take a second look at your daily habits and how it will impact your life.

Daily habits = results for life ❤

May 2017 bring you lots of health, happiness, and success!

With love and gratitude,

Susan @GlamRituals


Holiday 2016

Hello readers!


Today I’m dedicating a post to the holiday season as I observe people around me rushing around to purchase gifts for the remaining days before Christmas ( I was at a Walmart recently and observed everyone’s face angry and irritated LOL)

I’m by no means religious nor celebrate Christmas, however, I still believe this is a great time for giving to others and cherish time with loved ones.

I feel it has lost it’s true meaning for the holiday season and everyone is spending money they don’t have and going into debt or stressing on the perfect gift to give.

Gifting is a kind gesture showing you had thought about that person. It shouldn’t be about how expensive a gift is or how perfect it should be, so don’t stress about that!

If your budget is minimal, get creative and hand make something for that special someone, it’s much more meaningful because you had taken the time to do so. They will appreciate it.

Aside from the gifting topic, I wanted to speak about the importance of cherishing time with the people you care about. Live in the seemingly meaningless moments because usually those are the ones you remember the most. You won’t remember about the “things” you own but more so the moments you share with people you care about.

A quote I love:

“People will forget what you say and do, but they will never forget how you made them feel”

I’d like to leave you with that, short and sweet!

I hope this holiday season brings all of you happiness and fulfillment, and most importantly many great memories.

May you be celebrating Christmas this time of year or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s incredibly beautiful all around us and take this time to enjoy all the sights and scenes.

Enjoy, stay warm and be jolly ❤

With love and gratitude,

Susan @GlamRituals